Measurement of the instruments
With IDA's configurable measurement protocols, accurate measurements can be recorded and stored down to the last detail. With this software, the data can be easily viewed, visualized or transmitted again at any time without having to go through a lot of files or send them.
IDA includes an instrument table with extensive search and filter functions.
Configurable, type-dependent categories enable the recording of the most accurate measurement data - currently 476 values in the configuration set for string instruments: for back, belly, Dendrochronology, f-holes, , Rib, , , , Scroll, Bridge ...
IDA has a module for viewing curvature lines
Special hardware for self-measurement can be purchased from Haidenhain in addition to IDA: Heidenhain IK220. In addition to this, the connected Measurement technology
The import/export module allows the exchange/sale of IDA data to other interested parties