The Instrument-Data-Assistant is a software for instrument data aquisition and research. Especially suitable for violin and bow makers, museums, universities, collectors and organologists.

IDA was conceived in the search for a database that could easily manage photos and the many data from the measurements of instruments and the manufacturers.

The database was developed by Holger Pschera, a software developer from Dresden who works together with the Markneukirchen master violin maker Ekkard Seidl and his wife Petra. Together with Holger Pschera, they developed the concept, details, requirements, configuration for stringed instruments and much more for IDA piece by piece over the last years.

Holger Pschera, himself coming from the Vogtland music corner, is an experienced freelancer and specialist for software development. IDA is especially close to his heart, as the lives of individual musical instruments, their creators, players and owners are contained in this software.

"A software that exists in several languages and opens closed doors to the "biography" of a musical instrument for collectors, instrument makers, museums and scientists. It is the joint work of master violin maker Ekkard Seidl from Markneukirchen, his wife Petra and computer scientist Holger Pschera from Erlbach.


(Freie Presse, October 24, 2015)
License for single user
* with configuration for string instruments and bows
3000 personal records from B. Zoebisch:
Vogtland violin making
(volume 1+2)
Licence reduced
* Students, pupils, trainees
License for additional user
* for existing license; within one organization
8050 Personal records from Lütgendorff:
Violin and lute makers from the Middle Ages to the present (6th edition 1922)

on request

on request
All licenses include:
Support and updates for one year Troubleshooting and creation of a simple measurement protocol according to your own sample as well as simple configuration adaptations to special customer requirements. Adaptations to special requirements such as more detailed requirements for measurement protocols, views, photo categories, personal and instrument data as well as orders for additional developments in the program code can be ordered additionally. With the purchase of an IDA license you agree to our terms and conditions.

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